more like, i’m not touching this fic with a ten foot pole are you fucking kidding me

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Sad Art. Art not by me!


Sad Art.
Art not by me!

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When Will I Have Time to Actually Sit Down and Finish a Drawing: The Novel

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school’s out :D


school’s out :D

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brotp? oh, yeah. okay. they’re totally a brotp. best bros. bros for life. bros MARRIED for life. bros who make out all the time. bros who confess their feelings on a summer night in a field of tall grass. it was windy and there were fireflies


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'Awakened' Zero is just Zero being extremely sexually frustrated and trying to have loud angry sex with X


So about that finale

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Uni work piled up again so I haven’t been able to keep up to date with everyone ;v; I plan to backtrack on everyone’s blogs once I get time tho. And continue the ask-based convos (I’m sorry I can’t get back to you all yet!)

Also, I’m so sad to say my tablet got major water damage thanks to my cat :( It’s a major bummer (so much for finishing any art!) but I’m just thankful I actually have enough money to replace it. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get my hands on the new one tho since it has to get ordered in.

Here is some old art from the very long list of "stuff I never posted but should have posted years ago."

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