Gosh I feel bad that everyone else worries when I’m awfully nonchalant about health hiccups - it’s like everyone is doing my share of the worrying for me haha;; 

It’s just ooooone assessment tho and then I’m free till March and it’d feel like such a shame not to get it done and finish the semester when I’m already so close!

Thank you all for the concern tho ;v; I definitely won’t be pushing myself, uni just has to be flexible about the situation and work around my limitations.

Everything is gonna be daijoubu

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I started shipping a triangle demon with a twelve year old.

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tedizleader said: BillDip au where Dipper is chosen as a sacrifice to the dream demons and Bill comes in all "nah, keep him alive; I like him. Plus, he sneezes like a kitten~"


*murmurs of agreement for all other demons*

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In the meantime a lot of orders came in while I was gone! Hyrule Warriors was waiting for a pick up and since I’ve begun collecting Princess Peach merch I bought her as well ($4 is so cheap so I figured why not!)

Kylee’s Megaman poster came in and gosh I’m so glad to finally have a Megaman poster *_*

And doujinshi orders came in - Aubergine’s one is as perfect as ever OvO I got the others second hand but I’m excited to get my hands on them too!

Also, my order from Sage-Of-Winds came in a few days ago! She had an awesome sale so I got quite a few things. Her comic is really good, I’m so glad I finally got my hands on it! OvO

Ugh man it’s weird to be using a computer like normal again and to like, not be in bed. I spent a week in hospital because of a really bad spinal fluid leak, another two in bed and while I do want to catch up on people’s blogs/chat with everyone I am also preparing myself for the fact I’m now so friggin behind on uni and am going to need to ask about ANOTHER extension hAHAA;; r.i.p me

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