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Other parts can be found here: part one, part two, part three.

I’ll be uploading another doujinshi soon, specifically, Cry for Idola as requested by illu-antics UvU

Anyone else is free to request scans as well, just let me know what series/pairing/etc you’re interested in, as there’s a chance I’ll have something in my collection worth sharing! (The only series I have nothing for are Legends and Starforce.)

Part Three!!

Taking some time away from setting up my fanfiction page to finally post the second part for this doujinshi. There’ll be two more photosets till the doujinshi is completely posted.

Again, these are crappy phone photo quality, and you can see my hand sometimes but it’s the only way to share ‘em without ruining the book. As per usually, close ups of anything in particular are available upon request.

This doujinshi was created by Aubergine, her art is amazing and I really recommend buying her fancomics if you ever get the chance! UvU

deniisu asked: Prompts still ok? If yes, Zero/X, MMX. Reploid skin is more sensitive than human's, so exploration of sensuality: soft fabrics, massages, touching, showers / baths, this kind of stuff :)


((hell yeah!! I’m just slow and forgetful ^_^ here ya go~))

Reploids, as a general rule, don’t touch each other.

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The prompt itself was so totally perfect and oh gosh you executed it perfectly *A* It’s got the perfect mix of being as adorable as it is hot. You write both of them really well, too!

Doubt (Zero/X)

(Zero/X; RMX3 ending; Zero’s POV)
RATING: G (angst)
SUMMARY: Whenever X is this quiet you know not to push for answers, but the doubt is all across his face and you don’t know how to make it go away.

- - - -

You haven’t always been there at the end, you know, and this is only the second time you can stand next to him in true victory - but his demeanor is currently suggesting that victorious is far from how he feels.

You put an arm loosely around him and he barely manages a forced smile when he looks up at you. He doesn’t want to talk about it, whenever X is this quiet you know not to push for answers, but the doubt is all across his face and you don’t know how to make it go away.

If there was one thing that hurts for you to see, its when you see defeat in X’s eyes, gaze averted and spirit lost. A desperate urge to kiss it better was all you had to follow through with - getting rid of his helmet, treading fingers into short locks of hair and pressing soft kisses to his lips.

He’ll tell you what’s on his mind later, you’re sure, but you’re not going to wait till then to give him reassurance - because you know he needs it right now.

Bassrock is canon


Bassrock is canon

Promise (Zero/Cyber Elf X)

(Zero/X; RMZ2; X’s POV)
SUMMARY: He assures you that he’ll take care of Elpizo, protect your body then deal with Dark Elf himself and you really wish you could believe it was all that simple.

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Requited (Zero/X)

(Zero/X; RMX2 Ending; X’s POV)
: It’s only when everything is over and you’re back beside him that you feel it hit you.

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Regret (Zero/Cyber Elf X)

(Zero/X; potentially onesided; RMZ1 opening)
: G (Past relationship gone onesided; hurt feelings; angst)
SUMMARY: Right now Zero didn’t remember the way he turned his back on him, but X sure did.

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The Person You’ll Never Be (Mav!Zero/X)

(Mav!Zero/X; onesided; RMX AU; X’s POV)
RATING: M (hacking/semi-mind control, consent issues)
SUMMARY: There is ‘you’, the real you that you’ve always been, and then there’s the ‘you’ he’s trying to make you be.

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